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About Us

      We have 96 acreas of beautiful rolling land in South Central Kentucky. We have all 4 seasons here but milder winters than the North and cooler summers than the South. The best weather for the retired horse.


      Each pasture has safe horse fencing , geothermal  waterers, turnout sheds as well as natural cover for shade and protection. There is a pond and a spring as well for the horses to live in a natural environment. 


     My home is located in the middle of the farm so I can see the horses from my windows. My husband and I live on the property. I am retired so this farm is my main focus.


My Experience


I have been involved with owning and caring for horses for over 40 years. When on Long Island I had a boarding business which catered to senior horses of various breeds for absentee owners who  lived out of state or a distance away. My reputation was for personalized care.

References are available upon request.


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