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Our Story 


     When we bought this farm 6 years ago everyone asked Why Kentucky? What brought you here? My answer, my horse Favorite Pastime.

     The story begins 9 years ago when I had to make the very difficult decision to retire Fav to a warmer climate because the cold damp winters on Long Island NY made his arthritis so much worse.

     The first retirement farm I sent him to turned out to be too large for him , it didn't suit him, many horses thrived but not him.

     So then my journey began to find a suitable smaller farm. Luckily I found one and that is when I made the decision to find a farm of my own that is not too large but just right.

     Our  horse retirement farm in Kentucky is dedicated in his memory since It was a challenge to find a suitable place  for him. Every aspect of our farm has been designed for the retired horse.

Current residents
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Marinus from Florida.