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     Retiring your horse can be a very difficult decision. I have been there and I know how you feel. I have designed this farm to provide a safe and relaxed enviornment for your horse. Your horse will be able to live as natural as possible in a small herd with daily human interaction. Since I will limit the number of horses, I will be able to make daily contact for grooming, putting on fly masks, fly spray etc or just a good scratch ! TLC for your horse is what this farm is about. I will  care for your horse as I do my own.


     Grain will be fed as needed. Square bale hay is fed twice a day  from November to early April. My hay  & pastures have been tested . Each horse is fed minerals that have been balanced to our pasture & hay. Loose salt is  available free choice.


     We have 5 stall barn with a small attached paddock and a 60 ft round pen for transitioning your horse slowly into herd life. Herd size is determined by age and temperament.

     We have an established relationship with a trimmer and a veterinarian.



Board $400. -  a month includes hoof  trimming , worming, grooming & basic veterinary needs.   Grain fed at the cost of grain needed for individual horse.

           Grain/Vet /Floating / supplements- costs not included-billed 


***Movement is critical to horse health. Our rolling pastures help keep their digestive and respiratory systems, coats and hooves in good condition.

***Personal care of your horse is my commitment. Your horse will not be simply "turned out".

***Horse Retirement is our only business.

***I live on the property and am in constant contact with the horses.

***Limited number of horses to ensure personalized care.

***We welcome owners to visit anytime. We have extra rooms for you to stay here.

***Timely communication to the owner as to the condition of their horse. Pictures will be sent as often as the owner needs.


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